New show : Proof is in the Puddin’ : opening SATURDAY!

Maritime Art Collective

The Maritime Art Collective house is excited to announce that we will be hosting our first art show, curated by collective member Edo Escobedo.


Proof is in the Puddin’ is an exhibition based on the comical search for validation and truth. On this mind bending exploration you can expect to encounter the randomly absurd, elements of veiled sarcasm and some good ol’ homespun art. One must have a spoon full of comedy to find that art does not have to be so damn serious. Come join us for a celebration of the kook that lives in us all.

Featuring work by:
Kendall Berardino
Selina Chavez
Bonnie Cunningham
Edo Escobedo
Jessy Gaumann
Mike the Enigma
See Love
Patricia Pauchnick
Ben-Joaquin Torres
Shane York

We are also excited to announce that this is also a fundraising event for a new business venture called

……….High Water Art Space & Screen Printing Services

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