Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, 1982.


Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from San Francisco State University, 2013


“Most Provocative”, ASIFA SF Annual Show, 2013.

1st Place on “Caring Creativity” Eyeka contest, 2012.

Recipient of the Thomas Gordon Foundation Award, 2012.


2015, Funn Station Warehouse Space, Sinister Sweet. The Tim Curry Art Show.

2015, American Steel Studios, Oddville: A Festival of the Awesomely Strange.

2015, Balançoire, A NIght with the Doctor.

2015, The Syrup Loft, The Murray Affair.

2014, Public Works, The Robin Williams Art Tribute.

2014, Public Works, The Walken Situation.

2014, Public Works, The Murray Affair.

2014, 111 Minna Gallery, Beyond Structure.

2014, The Art Gallery (SFSU), Selfie.

2013, Diablo Valley College, The Art of NO.

2013, ASIFA-SF Annual Spring festival.

2013, California State University East Bay, Emerging Artist Exhibition.

2012, San Francisco State University, 25th Annual Stillwell Student Exhibition.

2012, ASIFA-SF Annual Spring festival.


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